Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dead Space Impressions

Dead Space was launched well ahead of the actual game with first a graphic novel that I didn't read, followed by an animated film that I didn't watch.

Still, knowing that there is a graphic novel and a film, I wasn't exactly surprised to see how cinematic the game is. Your ship flies in, with other characters discussing the "Planet-Cracker" ship you're going to investigate after communication with it was lost. What you'd think should be a smooth docking turns into a crash landing, and naturally as you're investigating the poop hits the fan, monsters pop out, and you're separated from the group. And frankly, the whole thing reminds me a little of Alien.

For a game that's supposed to be scary, it's not. It's more like startling. You're going about your business, and POP!- out comes a monster. Maybe you jump, but you kill it and move on.

No, the scariest thing about the game is that it's just got awful, clunky controls.

Honestly, I'm too early into the game to make a generalization or recommendation on Dead Space. But I will say that, so far, whatever it is about the game that had most of the gaming press just fawning over it? I don't see it.

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