Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Town Hall Presidential Debate Impressions

I'm craving a milkshake. I can't be the only one who thinks going out and getting a milkshake would time better spent than watching this crap.

Hey, get these guys outta here. Bring back Biden and Palin!

Man, what does the media see in Obama? Charisma? Every time he prefaces what he's about to say with, "Look," in that condescending tone of his I just want to smack him right upside his pompous head.

A teacher making $30,000-$35,000 a year? Might want to double that figure.

John McCain points out that Obama wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. Obama says McCain is lying, then explains that if you make less than $250,000, he won't raise your taxes. That would mean that he would raise taxes if you make more than $250,000, right? So how is McCain lying? And why do Democrats love this class warfare stuff so much? They're basically saying that rich people should pay more because have more... which is fine, but that top five percent Obama would raise taxes on already pay something like 90-95% of the income taxes collected in this country. Should we just keep taxing them until the rich have the same take home pay as the middle class? If that's the case, then no one will want to be rich, and then who will we tax?

I think we'd be a lot better off if the government didn't waste so much money. I mean, downsizing works for corporations, right? Get rid of the government we don't need... Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Homeland Security, National Endowment for the Arts, Secret Service for people who are no longer President, Department of the Interior, National Drug Control Policy, and the Department of Education (a matter for the States). We can also reduce the number of Congressmen in the House of Representatives, the salaries of the President and every member of Congress, and the size of the Department of Transportation.

Everybody could afford health care if income tax was half of what it is today.

Sure, let's bring up Iraq again. As if going on about it will magically send us back in time and keep Bush from invading. The irony is that I don't disagree with Obama on this matter... we should have focus on Afghanistan, we should have focused on bin Laden and al-Qaeda, we shouldn't have invaded Iraq. Doesn't change the fact that we did get involve with Iraq. We do need to finish up in Iraq, but we need to do it responsibly.

I pity this moderator. These clowns are bickering like idiots.

"I wanna follow up."
"If he gets to follow up, I wanna follow up too."
"You already did!"

Raise your hand if you think that either Barack Obama or John McCain are qualified to be President. Now would all of you with your hands up please move to another country.

I think Hillary Clinton's crooked. I can't stand her as a person. But I wish she was still in this. If this is about picking the lesser of evils, Hillary was it.

How'd I know that Obama would bring up North Korea when talking about diplomacy? North Korea is a terrible example. They act up, we negotiate, we give them something, they behave for awhile, then they start acting up again. It's extortion. We're basically rewarding them for their bad behavior.

Now I want a sandwich.

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