Monday, October 6, 2008

Mike Reviews Patrick's Vacation.

It was awesome. Trust me.

Final Score: A+


science412 said...

I completely, 100% agree with this review.

Joe said...

Another take....D+

Reason for the low grade is how I couldn't take off from work and only saw patrick twice. (and once was a short lunch break) I give it a low grade since now I regret we couldn't have met more (due to me being far away in Oakland and didn't take off work) and to realize this chance may never happen again. Mike might be moving away shortly and we may be starting families soon making it harder for just us to hang out like the old days.

Crap!! I couldn't take off work and now my chance is gone! I truly feel my regret this week now that last week has past and even more so after seeing the A+ grade of fun that I missed out on!

Mike said...

Hey, just because you couldn't participate doesn't mean it wasn't awesome. You should have taken vacation or something and got on the party wagon with us.