Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An informal survey.

Officially, this blog has seven followers. Now I figure some people are swinging by from time to time without creating a Google account, and thus not *officially* following. I also figure some people with Google accounts signed up to follow this blog out of support, but probably only stopped in to read content once or twice.

Well, I'd sort of like a more accurate idea of how many people read, say, at least once a month. If that's you, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT! Anonymous comments are cool, just one post per reader. At the end of August, I'll count the comments, estimate the readers, then decide how to proceed with PHASE II... or if phase II is even worth it.


Anonymous said...

I am one of those users who simply does not sign up because I do not have a Google account and I am just too lazy to get one.

It's sad because I check this sight very often. I probably check it at least 3 times a week and take the reviews pretty seriously.

I know your tastes and I am always curious to see how certain games/movies stack up. It is one thing to read something from a stranger on a game web site...but another when I read yours. I feel like I can really get an educated insight about the product.

I hope you continue the web site and move to a new phase II. There is a lot of interesting content and I hope to see it grow.


mitchellangelo said...

I usually check this site about once a week. I don't usually comment but I am now. I really do like reading these reviews because, like Joe said, I know you and I can trust and respect your opinion (even though our opinions sometimes differ). Love this blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, I read this at least once a week, but generally twice or so (depending on updates of course.) Even though we often have differing tastes, I still like to read your opinions on things, and they're well presented as well as humorous oftentimes. Oh and I don't subscribe or whatever solely because I don't have a google account and don't intend to make one, but rest assured I'm here. Keep it up.


Alloreshadow said...

i read it when i have the chance which is usually a couple of times every two weeks or so. when i work a lot im hardly ever on the computer.

eyoon said...

I follow your blog, not religiously but I'm there for ya!

Jeremy said...

I've read your blog twice but that adds up to maybe once a month. You should keep writing it tho because stuff like this takes time to grow. If you added a link to this on your facebook page and tease your facebook friends with little snippets you could probably get a bigger crowd. It's just hard for people to know you exist otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike... This is Jesus. Love the blog, bro.