Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mike Reviews Twitter

I guess I'm Tweeting now? I blame the peer pressure.

This means you have to avenues to access my thoughts via the web: here, and my new Twitter account.

Why have both? Again, I blame the peer pressure. But, I suppose it'll go like this. This blog is for reviews. If I want to talk about whether or not I like something, so that you may benefit from my experience, I'll write something detailed and cohesive here. Twitter will be for short, random, and possibly pointless posts based on whatever happens to be in my head at the moment. Also, when I get around to putting up a new (and often infrequent) post, I'll link it on Twitter, for those of you who find checking two separate sites a little too strenuous.

Anyway, you can check out my Twitter here:

Oh, yeah, and I said I'd review Twitter. Well, while I think my blog is useful, I'm not sure why anyone would care if I was hungry or not. But people seem to like it, so...?

Final Score: C. I guess.

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Matt said...

I'm still alive!