Friday, December 5, 2008

2008... the year for computers?

So, counting my wife's, we've got six computers in our one-bedroom apartment. Six, for two people. While that might be impressive enough, what really made me think that 2008 is the year for computers is that all but one of those six were acquired this year. Two others were also acquired this year, but they're already gone.

A quick rundown:

Computer 1: MacBook
1.83GHz Core Duo, 2GB of RAM, Intel GMA 945 graphics, 250GB hard drive, dual boots Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and Windows Vista Enterprise. While I owned a Sony VAIO desktop and my wife owned a eMachines desktop going into 2008 as well, this MacBook is the only pre-2008 computer I have left.

Computer 2: HTPC
1.6GHz Celeron, 2GB of RAM, NVIDIA nForce 630i/GeForce 7150 graphics, 500GB hard drive, Windows Vista Business. I built this computer myself with an EVGA motherboard and an In Win desktop case, then hooked it up to my home theater system. It's where my iTunes library is stored, and is mostly used for watching videos in the various computer formats floating around, since not all of my videos are compatible with the other various hardware connected to my home theater.

Computer 3: IBM/Lenovo ThinkCentre 8288-G1U
2.8GHz Pentium D, 2GB of RAM, Intel X3100 OR Radeon X1550 graphics, 80GB hard drive, no OS. My buddy's work was tossing this computer since "it didn't work." I fixed some BIOS settings, upgraded the hardware a little and dropped a new OS on it, and it worked fine. I use this machine for testing purposes. Usually, this means that there's some form of Linux on it, but I'm actually really looking forward to beta testing Windows 7 in the near future.

Computer 4: "The Gunmetal Obelisk"
3.0GHz Core 2 Duo "Wolfdale", 3GB Hyper X RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX+ graphics, 80GB hard drive, 320GB hard drive, Windows Vista Ultimate. My pride and joy, I built this one myself with a DFI P35 Lanparty Dark motherboard, and Antec TruPower Trio 650 watt power supply, and an Antec P182 case. This is my main computer, because whatever you want done, ti does it fast. Of course, this also makes it an excellent system for gaming, running Crysis with all the settings maxed very well... at least until the snow level. The particle effects there kinda dragged it down. For most games, this computer cranks out so many frames per second that vsync must be enabled because the monitor can't keep up.

Computer 5: Acer Extensa 5420
1.9GHz AMD Turion X64 X2, 2GB of RAM, Radeon Express 1250 graphics, 160GB hard drive, Windows Vista Home Premium. Snagged this puppy for my wife for under $500, and used it to replace her aging desktop for two reasons... 1) her computer couldn't run Puzzle Quest, it was that old, and 2) she liked to watch TV while surfing the net, so she'd constantly be on my computer instead of hers. Problem solved!

Computer 6: Asus EEE PC 900HA
1.6GHz Atom, 1GB of RAM, Intel 945 Express graphics, 160GB hard drive, Windows XP Home. Yeah, I got in on the "netbook" craze. I like having a solid notebook for vacations and stuff, maybe do a little gaming and what not (which I why I'm looking to dump the MacBook and replace it with something that's got NVIDIA graphics). But they tend to be bigger, heavier affairs that can be tiring to lug around all the time. A netbook appealed to me because it's something small enough to sit on my desk while I'm using the Obelisk. That way, I can keep up with my e-mail and instant messaging while playing a game or something. It's also easier to move from the desk to the sofa.

Oh, and if you were wondering, the other two recovered-and-dumped computers were ancient. One was an HP with a Pentium III 733MHz with no OS installed (I put Windows 2000 on it), and the other was a custom-built (by a computer store, not an enthusiast) with a Duron 900MHz and Windows 98 (I upgraded it to XP).

So, what about you guys? What kinds of computers do you have?

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Matt said...

My primary computer is my HP tower. Its based off the 8120n Media Center PC with my own modifications. I replaced the power supply with a 600w to handle the video card, a Geforce 8800GTX. I also recently made the jump to blu-ray and replaced the DVD drive with a Super-Multi Drive from LG that does Lightscribe, blu-ray reading, and makes toast too. I have 4gb of RAM, a Q6600 Intel Core 2 Quad processor, and 2 1TB hard drives. Yes, I know it seems like a lot of storage space, but they were on sale last black friday and my old drive crashed. I'm running Vista Ultimate x64 as my primary OS, but I have XP, Vista x86, and Windows 7 as avaliable virtual machines.