Friday, September 12, 2008

Mike Reviews His Own Blog

Well, there's no posts yet. But since it's my blog, I know what kinds of things I'm going to post. For starters, you can expect video game reviews, because I often find myself shooting e-mails at my friends because they want to know what I think of games I'm playing that they might like. There will be movie reviews as well. In fact, I've been watching some Asian horror films lately, and a friend keeps asking me how the movies were. That, more than anything else, motivated me to start blogging my reviews. But I figured, why stop there? I'm pretty opinionated, and there's lots of stuff I've experienced that I liked or disliked. Restaurants, food, software, candy, books, comics, people, whatever... it's all fair game. I'm reviewing life.

So, we've got an idea and potential, but no posts. And even though I'm biased for my own blog, it'd be pretentious to score myself too high, right? So...

Final Score: B+

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science412 said...

Where's Joejie Streets? That's what I want to know.