Sunday, September 28, 2008

Duffy on SNL Review

You know, prior to SNL, I'd heard of Duffy, but I'd never actually heard anything by her or heard her sing. Now I kinda wish I didn't watch SNL tonight.

Can someone explain to me, how did she get famous? Her album debuted #1 in the UK? For real? Do British people not have a good taste gene? Or ears?

Let's be clear on one thing here... this is a woman who clearly cannot sing. You know how American Idol has that one episode where they show some of the worst auditions? That's where she rightfully belongs. So if I had to guess, maybe she slept with some bigwig at a record company in exchange for an album.

If you find yourself at a record store, holding a copy of Duffy's Rockferry CD, PUT IT BACK. Seriously, I can't stress that enough. It's an assault on the ears. I mean, when it comes to getting info out of terrorists, I think it's ok to waterboard the crap out of them, but I'd have to draw a line at making the terrorists listen to Duffy.

The sad irony is that the musicians and the songwriting don't appear to be that bad. In the hands of maybe Beyonce "Mercy" would be a sort of catchy pop tune, if not my particular cup of tea. Duffy's singing is just so bad that it takes decent songs and turns them into something so foul that you might begin to wonder if Duffy is, in fact, the Devil.

Final Score: F-

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